How to Become a Photographer – 5 Tips to Getting Started

Maybe you have a digital camera, enjoy taking photos and want to becomes a photographer. Or you don’t have a camera but are seriously thinking of buying one and to makes money with photography.

Becoming a photographer is possible. Unless you want to make a living as a photojournalist, you don’t need formal education. You can learn as you go and become skilled at digital photography.

A good digital camera will be your best friend. If you want to take quality photos, you will need a digital camera that has a resolution of at least five megapixels. With this resolution, it’s easier to post process your photos, and they can be printed out at a decent size. Also, a five-megapixel resolution is what you’ll need for your photos to be accepted on microstock photography sites if you wants to sell your photos online.

Once you’ve gained more experience and had clearer ideas of the types of photos you want to take, you can make the investment to a higher-end digital SLR camera and a fast lens.

–Take as many pictures as you can.
In the beginning, you’ll want to make different kinds of photos as possible. In the process, you’ll learn to master your camera. You’ll experience all sorts of settings under different lighting, expositions.

Take A Lot Of Photos

-At the same time, you will make selections of your photos to build up a portfolio so you can show to your prospective customers. As an example to build up your portfolio in landscape photography, you might want to take pictures of scenerios that are typical of your town, city. If you are invited to a wedding, you can practice taking photos of the wedding and ask for feedback from the groom and bride. For portraits, you can start by taking pictures of friends, colleagues, family members.


Show people your specialization
This is up to you, and it also depends on the market. If you wants to take pictures and sell them online, then you would not necessarily want to specialize. The reason being to be successful at selling photos online you’ll need to take photos that sell.

On the others hand, if a particular segment of the market is not saturated and it’s a theme that interests you then you might want to specialize in that subject.

–Look for freelance jobs.

Look for freelance job
The majority of photographers are self-employed. To be successful, they need to work on the art of photography as well as the art of marketing. Freelance jobs in photography are great to get work. There is a variety of freelance jobs. There are websites where you can go to look for freelance assignments. You can also take photos of cars for people who are seeking to sell their cars on eBay Motors.

-Keep learning as you go.

Keep learning to take photos
Photography evolves. Read websites, magazines, buy e-books to learn techniques and tricks. Attend seminars on your areas of photography to keep your skills up to date. Visit manufacturer websites to download the latest firmware for your camera.

Learning to become a photographer comes at ease for those who have a passion for this art. You’ll find photography is a very appealing field because each photo you take is unique.

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